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To begin, the following information has been ascertained over the course of several months research. Documentation taken from the Star Lord-class ship in the Dragoon’s possession until its decommission in 3002 indicate that it was the Torannchless, a transport ship in service with the 17th Army of the Star League Defence Force. The identity was then verified from records of transit through both Free World League and Lyran Commonwealth space. Furthermore, a request was made with Comstar to view SLDF dispatch orders, particularly those of the 17th Army during their station in the Periphery. The battle tactics, command history, and post-SLDF records were used to narrow the field from which regiment this group developed. In the end, all indications led to that of the 38th Dragoon, an abandoned heavy assault group believed to have been marooned and later lost within the Magistracy of Canopus Sector of the Periphery. Remnants of recordings, journals, and combat logs have been used to formulate a timeline of events:

-Marcus “Aranzor” Nolan, Librarian of Blackthornes Dragoons.


Factions and Well-Known Units



Brief History


Origins  (2766-2786)

      Star League Heritage

      The Amaris Civil War, and After

      Reborn Blackthornes

Hunted: Alhena's End (2987-2988)

      The Deep Raid of 2987



      The Long Gauntlet

      Fallout and New Home

Privateer: Oriente's 'Rat-Catcher' (2990-3014)

      Rebuilding and Expansion

      Periphery Operations

      Exploration and Discovery

Schism: Marik Civil War (3014-3015)

       Duty vs. Rebellion

       Rising Tensions

       A Fateful Decision

       Battle on Salur

Privateer II: Resume Bulding (3016-3040)

      Service to Oriente - Pirate Hunting

      Service to FWL - Defense and Subterfuge

      Service to FWL - Search and Destroy Supply Lines

      Rewards of Service

Modern Day: Mercenary and Expansion (3040-Today)

      Oriente Weapon Works Deal and Contracts Abroad

      Clan Invasion and Fallout

      StarCorps Industries Grant and New Horizons






Blackthorne Short Stories

     Flub a dub dub Davion in the tub by Cev Lost

     Got BAP? by Aranzor

     Founding of the Psycho Spiders by Aranzor

     PRE-MRBC OPS by Cev Lost

Blackthornes Fun

     Letter to Security by Aranzor

     Letter to Command Staff by Aranzor

     Cat and Mouse by Aranzor


Pilot Dossiers





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