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duty vs. rebellion

News of the outburst and subsequent call for rebellion by Anton Marik initially had little impact on Blackthornes Dragoons. Though indebted to the Duchy of Oriente for their assistance and continued support, the growing turmoil provided the Dragoons with even more work as a glut of new bandits appeared out of the woodwork, attempting to take advantage of the situation at hand. Though neither side would claim any of these small raiding parties on planets of either camps, it was becoming clear that the systems along the Periphery were suffering the most. Still celebrating the official completion of the regiment's restoration, Colonel Omar McGowan gained even greater accolades when he succeeded in appealing to the Duchy instead to agree to send them on a goodwill mission through out the beleaguered region, removing this new plague while keeping his own troops out of the brewing Civil War.

The new contract was well received by the majority of the Dragoons, as the memory of fighting against former allies on Alhena was still all too fresh in their minds. The decision was similarly respected by both sides, as neither had the resources or the time available to spend patrolling these smaller systems when there were far greater battles on the horizon. His legacy intact, Colonel McGowan would step down from office, promoting Hearth Guard's commander, Major Aeron Sley, to Colonel in his stead. 

Unlike previous engagements, most of these bandit forces lacked either the fundamental support or strategic understanding to endure more than a battle or two with a coordinated team. Within a few short months, the outpouring of assaults by these haphazard forces had slowed to a trickle, surprising even the Dragoons with a relative quiet despite the chaos falling on coreward worlds.



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