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exploration and discovery

Though little could ever match the findings on Alhena, there were a few interesting discoveries made during this time.

During their trek to route out various pirate hideouts, the Blackthornes Dragoons jumpship entered into three systems thought to have been abandoned. Only the first, Ceará, met with heavy resistance by the Heart Guard. Though well-supplied, the group was handicapped by a lack of capable pilots as well as technicians with the knowledge to properly service the array of equipment they held, instead fielding only the few models that fell into the two groups' purviews. After several successful raids on the planet, the Blackthornes would return a few of their captured pilots with the offer to provide for the group in its entirety rather than face criminal charges or worse.

Another abandoned world, Cranston, was investigated for a possible SLDF cache, only to find much of it already raided long ago. There were still some engines and modification service equipment that proved salvageable, however, which the Dragoons tasked its burgeoning technician force with the removal and transportation back home to be studied further.

Lastly, a derelict  Fortress-class dropship was found floating in a debris field in the Mangor system. Two of its engines destroyed and a rupture along the hull, the ship was taken with the intention to either salvage for parts or turn into a testing site for zero-g maintenance. Once back home, however, many of these faults were found to be easily repaired and the ship was eventually greenlit for service under the name Dhíoghail An Titim.



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