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fallout and new home

Fallout and New Home

Though the jumpship would eventually be given safe passage to Oriente space, this would only be granted after signing a contract with Duke Halas that would essentially bind them to his family for the next half-century. Accusations of treason and aiding and abetting were dropped by the Hussars and by extension the Regulan administration, with the Hussars’ commander being forced to offer an apology and resignation in order to avoid data of the unit’s aggressive strikes being made public. Eventually even the Lyran prisoners were returned to their homeland once the main force had returned to its own borders, their mission successful but extremely costly. Despite its losses, the Hussars hold that no Blackthorne was ever captured amid battle.

The final cost for the Blackthornes would be 9 mechs, 8 fighters, and 1 dropship. Of those still serviceable, only 8 of the remaining mechs were ready for redeployment. Of the fighters, 2 were eventually sold off to pay for repair costs and debts currently against unit. The Gae Bolga avoided being fixed to the jumpship for its damage, but would spend the next two years being refitted and repairs before it could participate in missions once more. Worse still was the damage to the command staff of the Blackthornes. While Colonel Morris had been off planet at the time, and Major Kearn had survived the ordeal, Captain Carson’s death, along with the deaths of 2 of his Lieutenants, left the Hearth Guard relatively leaderless. Captain Amsel was listed as MIA, having never been recovered from the debris field conflict, and his Rooks by now were virtually nonexistent. Under Regulan provisions for vacating the treason charges, Blackthornes Dragoons were forced to turn over all business and military holdings that had remained on Alhena to be split among the Regulan garrison that took over watch and to the local government so that they could build up their militia. Duke Halas in turn offered a station on Salur to use as their headquarters for the duration of their contract.

The aging jumpship captain, Capt. Paul Kershaw, would soon after step down from his command due to his failing health. Colonel Morris would also retire shortly after the incident to become a consultant with Oriente Weapon Works on Emris IV, leaving Major Kearn in charge of overseeing the rebuilding of what was left of the decimated force. Despite his ability to overcome the incident, save his people, and secure a new home for their future, Major Kearn would never be able to reconcile with the losses that the Blackthornes Dragoons had suffered on his watch. After having filled the ranks for Hearth Guard back to a full company and the newly named Widowmakers (though the command lance would continue using the Psycho Spider designation) to near equal in strength, the major committed suicide. A note was later found on his person, professing the enormity of his sorrow for being unable to stop the spiral of events that saw so many of his friends and family give their lives. His death would renew turmoil for a short time, but ultimately he was deemed as a hero among the newly reformed corps, and was buried within the small memorial on Alhena along with those very friends he had held in such regard.



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