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Zenith Jump Point
Irian, Free Worlds League
18 October 3049


Drop ship Orban’s Gift




At last, as the jump ship transport loomed ever so large through the view port, Major Ray "Razor" felt the tension and caution drain away from his body. Pulling the contraption that held precious amber fluid within, he kicked the fixed chair in the meeting room back to watch the final steps of the drop ship docking with its transport. With the last few moments of artificial gravity available, he would at last pour himself some of the much deserved whiskey into a small, squeezable bulb, meant for beverages in zero gravity.


Only then would he note the message attached to the neck of the bulb.


"I am glad you got some of the them."


As if on cue, a knock at the door would pull Ray from his seat. Half turning, half hanging on as the artificial gravity began to wane from the slowing of the drop ship, he would begin to make a move for the door only moments before it would open on its own. A slender, oriental woman pushed herself into the room ever so casually, adjusting to the shifts in gravity as if they were second nature. She too, had a bulb in one hand, though from the hazy contents, Ray could only guess it to be sake instead. Her other hand carried a small compad.


Ray turned as she moved passed him, stiffening himself as best he could while floating so precariously, an arm raised to his temple in a swift salute. "Major!" For all of his effort, however, the woman seemed to barely reply. She instead appeared to be focusing all of her attention on her approach to the chair opposite of him. Just like the docking of two ships outside, she would find and claim the chair without issue, pulling herself into a seating motion and fastening in such a fluid response that one could wonder if she had rehearsed. Only as the clasp connected and seated her properly in the chair, would she again look to Ray, a slight smile across her lips. "Seems we did better than we expected Sho-sa. Perhaps the Tai-sho will approve of us taking on the contract, after all." Compad in hand, she'd gently flick it into his direction, so that the other major could read whatever data she had downloaded onto the slim computer.


"Troubles with the relay?"


Last evening sources within the space port contest that a drop ship landed near the Comstar relay station on the moon Deons. Comstar while not officially releasing a report made a leading comment that a repair team had been sent out to run a routine maintenance sweep.


Thumbing the pad again, the Major’s eyes widen a little in shock. Beside him the woman’s lips curl into a smirk. The pad reveals a capture of himself in the process dismounting his ‘mech, while still on the rungs of his Atlas’s ankle he’s turned to see a space port security officer yelling at him. Under the visage is a short article.


"Mercenary takes joy riding to a new level!"


Today on the outskirts of the spaceport at one of the transportation relay station and shuttle points for cargo, a mercenary group conducted what this news official will report as unofficial combat practices. According to witnesses two lances of the purple and gold ‘mechs from the unidentified combat group left the space port on a high speed march  and after thrashing through the small port, opened fire inside the port itself. No reports of casualties though some heavy damage was reported amongst the main buildings. At this time the Gryphons and local militia have not reported any enemies nor engagements in the area. They have also refused to give any official statements. Detained for two days, the two lances were cleared of charges by sources unknown and their drop ship was granted clearance to never return to Kalidasa without express permission of the Baroness herself. 

Rolling his eyes the major thumbs the pad once more.

"Drop ship blasts its way out of the space port!"

Space port authorities report that a drop ship from Solaris VII without port approval blasted its way out of the atmosphere heading to what looked like a probable pirate drop point. Due to the detaining of the two lances of yet to be identified mercenary battlemechs, security personnel were unable to respond and detain this rogue drop ship


The major sighs and tips back the squeeze bulb.


The woman says ”There’s the reports for you to put your signature on by mine, and have ready to transmit to both the Kali Yama Weapons headquarters and to the Tai-sa. The funds have already been deposited and the transmissions arranged. “ in a pause before she exits with her bottle of whiskey.




Thumbing on the pad the major opens up the file to be transmitted and proof reads the document.


To:          Colonel Falkenhayn

 Angelica Reed, Chairman, Kalidasa branch, Kali Yama Weapons industries.


Colonel  and Chairman,


As per the contract we received upon docking with the recharge station, the dropship Name departed the station and made port on Kalidasa. Initial investigations led the Dragoon force to insert four lances near your manufacturing facility where indeed true to your concerns a unit of ‘mechs with what was reported as Davion markings were protecting your shipping facilities of the factory. After a two short engagements the Dragroon lances were forced to retreat with heavy losses. Fortunate that our dropship was returning with a rather large supply of battlemechs from Solaris. At the behest of your chairman with the help of several shuttles the Dragoon forces successfully engaged another group of these Davion mechs. While sustaining light losses, The Davion force was pushed back to their ships that returned to Kalidasa. A week’s worth of investigation targeted the Davion staging area in one of the off shoot loading and receiving docks for the space port. Supporting my fellow Major’s choice to lead the assault lance and support lance into combat we managed to destroy the few remaining mechs the Davion force had left to stall our search.


I am however sad to report that the Davion dropship has fled planet with an undetermined amount of materials that will have to be inventoried by Kali Yama Wepons. At this time we estimate about ten to twenty thousand tons of munitions and equipment were recovered from the single hundred thousand ton estimated that was taken from the production facility.


As per the contract Kali Yama weapons has transmitted the minimum funds to the Blackthornes Dragoons accounts along with a small amount for our logistics in this matter.


This contract did not exist, this operation never happened.


 Sign here!


Cev Lost                 
Major, Commanding
2nd Battalion

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