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At 12-12-2017 12:00:00 PM

letter to security

To: Main Hanger Security

From: Tim Stantz, Lead Technician

Subject: Security Breach

I don't care what the "bigwigs" think in the main office, the Technician's Library is meant ONLY for the techs! We need those records to keep up with every job thats been done to these bloody machines and every other piece of equipment that keeps those jocks alive and earning a payday. There are no personnel records down here, despite what Marcus may think! Every time they let him come down here, the place becomes a muddled pile. He prints out every available electronic document to go over with the older specs! Whats worse, is he's been in EVERY aspect of the company's history at some point or another. From mech repairs and refits to aerospace, and even the records from the old Hearth Castle! I've tried taking away his ID badge for the area, but somehow this guy is back in within a day or two! Whats worse, the last time he got in, he 'rewired' the security panel! It took us HOURS just to get that system working so we could open the doors to get to him! And when we got in, where did we find the lad? Going over old equipment claims from over 60 years ago! Like we're going to have ANY of that stuff left from way back then?! He even dared to ask if we had any images or schematics of pieces of equipment like helmets, pistols, or other such!

I've got no clue what they have him researching on this time, but it cannot be worth my guys putting in three times the effort to get around him.

Furthermore, when you inform your superiors about this, which I know you will, here's another complaint: STOP STEALING MY TECHS! I am getting sick and tired of calling roll each morning, only to find that Major Cev had 'procured' another of my best for whatever side project she has going. I've been the Lead Tech for 10 years now, and after three months the most I've gotten out of anyone is that its some sort of research project for the Snakes. Since when did we start working for them?! I'd be flattered that they let us test out the equipment, but then again I haven't even SEEN it yet! Between that and Marcus insisting on revitalizing that gargantuan relic he calls 'Ammut,' we're going to have to hire either to ten more staff just to keep up with the NORMAL repairs. Just getting that hunk of junk in on the air drop for Harsefeld clogged up the intakes so badly that the poor newbie that opened the first vent up almost got himself buried beneath the grime that came free. We could only find him because of a sole, frantically waving arm amid the dust cloud!

In short: We need to hire more technical personnel and tell those two to stay OUT of my mechbay!





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