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periphery operations

Limited to only a single company of each battalion initially, the Dragoons were forced to focus on smaller prey at first, dividing the units further into lances and dropping them off in key locations. Each of these lances would be responsible for its own support, though at times assisted by planetary forces, in tracking down and discovering either caches or potential raid targets that pirates might hold interest. 

Due to the splintering of forces, it became difficult to keep track of the various clashes these groups would endure. It is known however that their numbers continued to grow, both in personnel as well as available lances and thus mechs. For a short time tanks and other craft were also included to fill out numbers, but these rarely lasted for long either because of the Dragoons' proclivity for mechs over all other forms of mechanized combat.

Heart Guard, Fire Eyes, Kearny Ravagers, and Rusted Jesters were just a few of the various pirate bands that the group helped to remove.  The Heart Guard and Kearny Ravagers in particular proved quite a problem to lock down because of their strong ties to their homelands on Ceará and Kearny, respectively. Rather than waste further valuable resources to eradicate these groups, the Dragoons instead offered captured pilots from each side a place within the unit, eventually absorbing both groups into the fold. With this latest reinforcement, the Dragoons were now at last up to their promised strength, numbering at seventy-plus mechs alone.

The Cap Rouge Uprising in 3010 became a signature moment for the unit, who demonstrated their prowess with their newly combined forces by systematically dismantling the cadets and military that had attempted to stage a coup from the Hero Training Institute on Sillery, despite a lack of air support. For their efforts in this task, the planet awarded the Dragoons a sizeable bonus, to which Oriente would only further add by having the unit move their main operations to its new permanent settlement of Emris IV, a planet vital to FWL mech and armament productions.


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