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psycho spiders

Formation of Psycho Spiders

The decision to assign the Rooks away from the Battlemech company was the first sign of a fallout out occurring between the Captain Carson and Colonel Morris during this time, either from this issue or something related. This is evidenced by the fact that the Colonel originally was in complete support of the Captain Carson attempt for control to begin, but at the end not only agreed to the proposal by the Major Kearn for regimen and usage, but further had intended to deploy the fighters to the dropship fleet after their initial training instead of direct support with Hearth Guard. The decision to begin the process of creating a second, albeit smaller company further bit into Captain Carson's control within the Dragoons.

The man chosen to lead this new group was the recently promoted Captain Anthony Flick. A victim of a rare spider bite that had left him near-death for several weeks, he attributed his new style of inter-lance combat and tactics to the creature that had nearly taken his life. His lance, dubbed the "Psycho Spiders," would be trained to make strike and raiding missions that Hearth Guard could never have attempted before. The transition was set to take place over a series of training exercises that would be completed in mid-2987 with the intention of bulking up the unit to two full lances by that time.

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