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rebuilding and expansion

Though cleared of all charges against them and now given a new safe haven from which to operate, the Blackthornes Dragoons were still left on the brink of disbandment. Denied their other businesses to fall back on, as well as limited to the operations provided to them by Oriene, the unit could barely afford to put its forces into the field, let alone build up from them. To answer this, several tough decisions had to be made for the unit to ensure its survival.


First, the Dragoons once again reached out to the Oriente Military for assistance with supplies and equipment, agreeing to purchase several surplus depots despite the older and outdated equipment provided. This proved a boon to the unit in both morale and technicial prowess, as several teams would often compete against one another to design new and unique modifications to these chassis.


Next, to expand on its available pilot base, requirements for enrollment to the unit were relaxed. This last change was met with much controversy, leading to the decision to create an intermediary training unit. The 3rd Dragoon Battalion, or sometimes simply called the "Thorns," were designed to be a group with a strong reserve, but also modular so that potential pilots could enter and leave the unit with as little adaptation as needed. 


Finally, new emphasis was placed on disabling the mech rather than bringing it down. This was especially true for heavier mechs, of which the Dragoons were in dire need. The opportunity to fullfill this need would soon be met, as the Duchy of Oriente placed its first task to its new subordinates: Root out the various pirate bands plaguing shipping along the Periphery.



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