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rising tensions

Though the early months had been eventful and hectic, this new outpour of banditry dried up almost as quickly as it had begun. Patrols between systems became more and more routine with less and less to report, leading the Dragoons with plenty of idle time. Idle time that many started to think could be better spent elsewhere.

The two most recent groups to be absorbed by the Dragoons, Kearny's Ravagers and the Heart Guard, became polarizing factions amid this relatively peaceful time. Kearny's Ravagers had originally grown up from the dissatisfaction found across their homeland, and strongly sided with Anton, the younger brother leading the rebellion. The Heart Guard of Ceara, however, were staunch nationalists and supporters of Janos. Promotions and even missions soon became heated affairs as each side saw the other as attempting to grasp greater influence and prestige.

Of particular controversy was the promotion of the Ravager's former leader, Benjamin Alexandros, to both Major and command of the Hearth Guard. Major Alexandros's tactics and aggression were already well known and had won him many battles previously, but the inward promotions became unsettlingly one-sided toward either former Ravagers or those that supported their cause. Ceara's Heart Guard, in turn, began to gravitate to the Widomaker's Battalion, and the rift between the two was growing quite obvious.

Faced with little recourse, Colonel Sley would order the majority of both battalions back to Emris IV, leaving only a combined company under the leadership of Captain Clevin. By November 3014, daily deliberations had begun between the two groups, with Colonel Sley acting as final authority.



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