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service to oriente - pirate hunting

Though the civil war without and the schism within has been resolved, it did little to help the Blackthornes Dragoons' situation as they attempted to return to their previous station. While the loss of the forces within the unit had been largely one-sided, it did leave the them with a predicament. Not only had they essentially eliminated one of their own battalions as a fighting force, it also struck off one of their primary sources for income. While the Widowmakers could still hunt down pirates as they popped up, they did not posses the firepower to hold these new harrassers at bay from their targets, which had always been the Hearth Guard's task. Indeed, there would be several times that the Dragoons would successfully down one pirate cell, only to have another strike the intended target which had been left most often unguarded. 

Just as significant would be the backlash felt by the Duchy of Oriente. Though originally enjoying the rewards of a unit it had sponsored, the internal struggle and mutiny weighed heavily on Duke Halas as well as his councilors. Even with the strife resolved, the lack of success by the remaining forces could only be seen as a failure compared to the goodwill and successes seen before the clash. In the end, the Duke became convinced that the task had become too much for the mercenaries.

By 3020, the Blackthornes Dragoons had been relieved of their task to patrol the Periphery. Once at its height as a fighting force of seventy-one mechs, the unit had been reduced to just forty-five strong. Regardless of this, the Dragoons would not consolidate their rosters, leaving all three battalions still listed as active. 



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