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star league heritage

(Founding- 2766) - SLDF Designation and Periphery Uprising

The 38th Dragoon Regiment was originally listed with the LXXII Corps of the 17th Army, stationed across the Magistracy of Canopus region in the Deep Periphery. The relatively peaceful region allowed the 17th Army to become lax in its vigilance. As the uprising reared its head, the 17th was caught completely by surprise, many of its corps suffering heavy losses in the initial exchanges, while other groups were left stranded on distant worlds, far from the rest of the army. The 38th Dragoon Regiment was one such group. 

Recently arriving on the planet Techne's Revenge to begin its rotation garrisoning the planet, the regiment was almost immediately grounded due to terrorist attacks on its transport fleet, using the relaxed attitude toward security and the confusion of settling in to the new locale to blindside them at their weakest point. While still able to fend any real challenges to the garrison itself, there was no longer any way for the regiment to logistically escape the planet without either leaving valuable equipment or munitions behind. Rather than take this risk, the group made its first fateful decision to remain on the planet and quell the local uprising before worrying about how to rejoin the rest of the 17th Army.

In the years that the fighting continued, the regiment would eventually be whittled down to little more than a battalion in combat-ready strength, much of its loss coming from either suicide attacks or the unit's own cannibalization of older, inferior mechs to outfit a more recent or better operating chassis. More significantly, the heavy losses of the regiment's transportation fleet, dropships and jumpships alike, would continue to plague the unit, both during the conflict and beyond.



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