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the amaris civil war, and after

(2766-2784) The Amaris Civil War, and After

The Periphery Uprising had been won, but enormous losses guaranteed at the very least that the regiment would be downgraded and absorbed, perhaps even disbanded altogether. Even after the official end to the uprising, the unit was more or less stranded on Techne's Revenge, missing the entirety of the Amaris Civil War because of extensive damage to its transport fleet, namely the destruction of 70% of its dropships and 3 of its 4 jumpships, with the remaining ship, the Torannchless, heavily crippled from an attempt on its Kearny-Fuchida drive that left it functional but on the verge of meltdown after even a single use.

Despite being stranded, then ordered by the 17th Army command to defend the garrison at Techne's Revenge while the rest of the Army moved on, the decision was made in 2782 to tempt fate and make the long voyage back into Inner Sphere space and to the regrouping SLDF. The voyage was slow, requiring prolonged time between jumps because of the condition of the ship's K-F drive. It took almost a full 7 months alone to reach the edge of FWL space. The jumpship was only just leaving the Augustine system they heard word that Operation Exodus had been initiated days prior. Once again the former regiment was left stranded.

After the news of the Exodus reached the group, there was much debate over what to do with the unit. In the end, the decision was made to avoid siding with any House, and instead seek out a place to lay low and fix their badly damaged transport and dropships. If they were going to attempt to catch up with Kerensky's forces, they would need to make sure the ship would not come apart simply from the voyage through known space, let alone beyond the edge of the Inner Sphere.

The single jumpship found its way into a binary system along the edge of FWL space, to the planet known as Alhena. Multiple debris fields provided excellent cover to hide the ship, but it became clear at this time that the ship would never be able to catch the fleet in its current condition. For the time being, the K-F drive was disabled and the ship left to drift in one of the debris fields so as to hide the whereabouts of the group. Word had reached them that all Houses were enlisting the remaining SLDF forces, willingly or not, in a mad grab for power. Despondent, but resolute in keeping the group together, the remaining forces settled on the nearby planet.


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